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Ann Marie Maher

Ann Marie joined Loudoun Serenity House in January 2022 as a volunteer peer recovery specialist. In June 2022, she was hired full-time as Peer Navigator.

Ann Marie has extensive experience in nonprofit and government executive leadership roles successfully leading organizations in the areas of organizational development, team building and executive management. With 11 years of lived experience in recovery, Ann Marie earned her peer recovery certificate in January 2022 and passed her certified peer recovery specialist exam in November. Blending her skills and experience in both business and recovery is her passion today. In her role, Ann Marie helps create opportunities for those struggling with substance use disorder by overcoming barriers, building connections within the community and finding the resources needed to live their best life, one free from addiction.

Ann Marie can be reached at

Nicole Cuccia

Nicole joined Loudoun Serenity House in October 2022 as the Community and Resident Program Lead.

For over 20 years, Nicole worked as a real estate broker/property manager while raising four children in Seattle, WA. Since moving to Virginia in 2017, Nicole has spent her time focused on her personal success journey of sobriety and recovery. Nicole entered the recovery field to fight the stigma of substance use disorders through education and providing support to not only those who struggle with drug and alcohol use, but their families as well. Building connections with people who feel they have lost all hope is what she finds most rewarding about this work.

Nicole can be reached at:

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Jeanne Hix

Ms. Hix is a certified Recovery Coach, Virginia Department of Health Professionals Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and PRS Supervisor, Relapse Prevention Specialist, and Spiritual and Shamanic Healer; with experience in patient outreach.

Ms. Hix previously had over 26 years’ experience as a case manager and case manager supervisor in the behavioral health field, having worked at INOVA Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center, Harrison House of Virginia Treatment Center, and National Capital Treatment
and Recovery Program providing peer recovery and outreach services to local emergency departments, homeless shelters, department of corrections, and community services board to help them identify patients in need of SUD and treatment.

She is the Founder and President of Divine Elements Healing Center offering in person life spiritual and recovery coaching, public speaking engagements, classes, educational lectures, and retreats. Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Traumatic Incident Reduction, and is an
Ordained Minister for Fairfax County Virginia. One of her significant recent accomplishmentswas lobbying for and drafting the Virginia Client Protection Act, which was passed in July 2015
by Virginia Senator Peterson.

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