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Peer Support Services

One of the most significant trends in Substance Use Disorder is the emergence of peer-based and other recovery support services that are distinct from professionally-directed clinical services offered by addiction treatment organizations or other helping institutions. Let the Loudoun Serenity Recovery Community Center help you.

Click HERE for a list of recovery services resources in Northern Virginia

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Phone: (571) 207-9000 

  • Individual and Group Peer Recovery Support Sessions

  • Sober Housing

  • Educational Resources

  • Health and Wellness Resources 

  • Family Resources and Referrals

  • Applying for Medicaid

  • Applying for Snap and Food Benefits

  • Residential, Partial, and Outpatient Referrals

  • 12 step meetings and Recovery Clubs 

  • Teen support/family support

Recovery is not solely focused on the one in recovery - we are here to support the family as well. Our goal is to strengthen relations between family members diminished by substance use disorder. 

Families deal with and experience substance use disorders in many different ways. Coming to grips with the reality of what’s happening can be extremely difficult.  Sometimes confusion, misunderstanding, and other barriers can make the process of getting good help very hard.

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