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What our residents are saying

From Megan: 

My name is Megan and I have had the privilege of residing at the Loudoun Serenity House since March 12, 2020. I am an addict who has been in recovery for a year now. Being an active resident of the LSH has given me the tools and the accountability to maintain my sobriety. I honestly can say that I do not think that without having the LSH that I would have made it this far as I have.


The LSH structure within, whether it’s from being held accountable for our actions or to the support we have in our leaders & peers, it is a great approach for a new life in recovery if you are willing to adhere. Loudoun Serenity house provides the tools for us to stay on a spiritual 12 step program either AA or NA. Being held accountable to attend no less that 4 AA/NA meetings a week, working with a sponsor, breathalyzing every night and having random urine screens keeps us on track. Loudoun Serenity house has given me the tools & structure needed to maintain my sobriety. I am blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to start a new life the right way. I would recommend LSH to anyone who strives a new sober beginning.

From Jim: 

Upon arriving at LSH in August of 2022, one of the first official tasks assigned to me was an initial assessment on the status of general wellbeing, mental health and outlook, psychological factors, financial, employment plans, etc.  This baseline assessment (as I recall) showed that, while highly motivated to gain employment and begin the re-building process, I had a lot of work to do.

To assist me in this re-building, LSH provided access to funding through the Chris Atwood Foundation.  This funding covered my first month of rent and allowed me to focus on other issues.  I was assigned a Peer Counselor, attended weekly house meetings, attended AA meetings, gained full time employment, bought a car,  found a sponsor and began the 12 Step process.

During my time at LSH, we held a bonfire speaker meeting, holiday activities, hikes, a chili cook-off, a pancake breakfast, volunteer activities, peer check-in sessions, AA speaker meetings, and so much more.


As of this date, 1/16/2023, I have completed 11 of the 12 Steps of AA.  My relationship with my Sponsor is strong and remains active.  He has recommended that I become a Sponsor to continue my work, and as part of the 12th Step, to share my experiences and help those in need.

Through active participation, supporting the mission of LSH, and having complied with every ask, I leave LSH in good standing and look forward to being active as a member of LSH alumni.

My mental, physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual health is excellent.

I attribute much of my success to LSH.  LSH provided me with a supportive environment, hands-on network of support, social structure, incredible accommodation, and an atmosphere that promotes wellness and recovery.  I will be forever grateful.

From Robert:

LSH provided me with Tools, Support, Peer Support Staff, volunteer opportunities, and a way to give back to the community.  My stay here helped me to find a balance between life, work and recovery. I was able to build a foundation upon which I can continue living a sober life. 

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